Plastik-Maschinenbau Geng-Mayer GmbH



Screws + Barrels

Screws, barrels and fluted barrels are used for plastics processing in extruders to process various materials for different applications. The area of application of screws and barrels ranges from processing thermoplastics, duroplastics to elastomers. Product quality and output are basically influenced by these components. Thus highest precision and quality of these components are fundamental for an optimal product.

We produce screws in a diameter range from 25 up to 390 mm and up to 5500 mm in length. Screws can be made of nitriding steel, high chromium alloys, special steels as well as in bimetallic design. Besides nitriding the wear resistance of screws can be improved by abrasion resistant coatings.

Barrels with an inner diameter reaching from 25 to 200 mm, outer diameters up to 500 mm and a length up to 6000mm are part of our product portfolio as well.

The fabrication is according customer requirement or based on our design adapted for the application.

Besides newly made articles we supply repairs, wear protection treatments and refinement.

Fluted Barrels

Fluted barrels with longitudinal or spiral channels with rectangular, semicircular or triangular cross-section with an inner diameter ranging from Ø25 to 150mm.


Cast-film die heads can be supplied in FlexLip-, fixed lip- or retention bar design.


Ram-Extruder Ram-Extruders are made for processing UHMW-PE and PTFE. The rods and profiles extruded in a sintering process have their area of application where high wear resistance paired with good sliding properties are required.
Our Ram-Extrusion lines are available with an SPS-Control especially developed for this process. The SPS-Control is capable of controlling and monitoring the process as well as linking of extrusion lines.
An extrusion line contains besides the Ram-Extruder itself adjoining equipment composed of cooling zone, automatic saw and an ejector.

The following types of Ram-Extruders are available at present:

Type PM-GM R-0
The series PM-GM R-0 with a compression force of up to 10 tons is capable of producing profiles and rods with an outer diameter of Ø20-40 mm.

Type PM-GM R-1
The series PM-GM R-1 is equipped with a compression force of up to 30 tons. This type is for producing profiles and rods in a diameter range of Ø50-70 mm.

Type PM-GM R-2
Currently the largest Ram-Extruder is the PM-GM R-2 series. With a compression force of up to 75 tons this type is for producing profiles and rods in a diameter range of Ø80-200 mm.